Water Babies

Professional, experienced and innovative —Water Babies works hard to ensure both you and your little one feel safe and happy. Here are their top 5 reasons why they feel Water Babies is so good:

1.   Highly qualified: it takes 5 times longer to train as a Water Babies teacher than to get your private pilot’s licence!

2.   Babies from birth: their youngest client was just 1 day old!

3.   Lessons progressed in line with key phases in child development, allowing little ones to build upon the simple skills they'll learn very early on as they develop physically, intellectually and socially.

4.   Quality photographs: Water Babies take more underwater baby photography than any other company.

5.   Community based: friendship is important to Water Babies, which is why they actively promote socialising around their classes (not just for the children but for the adults, too!). Get in touch with your local Water Babies office and find out for yourself!

For more information take a look at their facebook page, Website, telephone 01249 248863 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.