Welcome to the Carolyn Shaw Swimming Pool

Our outstanding Carolyn Shaw Swimming Pool measures 25 meters in length, with the depth ranging from 0.9 meters in the shallow end and increasing to 2 meters in the deep end. As recommended by CIMSPA, our pool is maintained at 29ºC and treated with minimal chlorine using an ultraviolet (UV) light disinfectant system, which is a powerful natural disinfectant. This enables a safe reduction of residual chlorine levels, improving the quality of water here at the facility.

Our pool is able to cater for a range of activities, from swimming galas, birthday parties and swimming lessons. It can also make for a refreshing end to a gym session, a fantastic training workout or a fun splash around with the children.

Changing Facilities

We have separate male, female and pupil changing rooms with showers that lead out on to poolside. We also have a family changing room located on poolside. Pool times often reflect the time you need to be out of the changing rooms. If you are unsure please check at reception.

Disabled Access

We provide a reserved parking space and accessible poolside changing room for use by people with disabilities. All of our staff are trained to operate the swimming pool hoist. We ask that you please inform reception in advance if you require its use.

Swimming Lessons

Private 1:1 Lessons

Private swimming lessons for adults and children can be arranged on a 1:1 basis (One teacher, one student). These lessons are arranged with one of our swimming teachers and can be booked during a members use swim.

For prices or booking, please visit or call reception or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Children's Swim School

Children’s group swimming lessons run every Wednesday and Thursday evenings & Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

CLICK HERE more information.


General Information

Private bookings

Our swimming pool is available for private functions, events and parties. Please see 'Other Activities' - Parties for more information or please contact reception. 



Photography/Video Recording

If you wish to use a recording device, permission must first be granted and a form must be completed at reception.


Health and Safety

  • Anyone with a verruca must wear an approved verruca sock, available for purchase at reception.
  • Armbands and goggles are not available to borrow, however they can be purchased at reception. Floats and pool toys are only available during fun sessions.
  • It is important that you read the safety posters located on poolside which outline further swimming pool rules.
  • Masks and snorkels are not permitted.
  • Pay attention to the lane signs during lane swimming sessions and use the relevant lane for your swimming ability.
  • Please adhere to the admission policy which states that children under the age of 8 must be accompanied in the swimming pool by a responsible person over the age of 18 and a ratio of 2 children under 8 to 1 adult applies.
  • Remember to use the bathroom and shower before entering the pool.
  • We ask that you inform staff of any medical conditions e.g. epilepsy, asthma, heart problems etc.
  • Swimming pool etiquette must be followed at all times including lane swimming etiquette which can be found on poolside. 


Swimming Pool Etiquette

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for all users, please be courteous and respectful of others when using the Swimming Pool. In particular, please be aware of the following:

Physical Activity Questionnaire

Please ensure you have completed a Physical Activity Questionnaire or have read and signed the Health Commitment Statement before you start swimming.

Choosing a Lane

Before you enter the water compare the pace at which you are going to swim and look for a good match. The lane signs, slow, medium and fast describe the pace in each lane.  The slow lane is for swimmers who take approximately 45 seconds plus per length, medium lane 25-45 seconds and fast lane 25 seconds and under.

Awareness of Other Swimmers

If you choose a lane that has just one swimmer, please wait until they stop at the wall and politely ask to share the lane. Please do not enter a lane if there are already 8 swimmers present.


Entering the Water

Pay attention and be courteous to swimmers already in the water. Wait until there is a large gap between each swimmer, slip into the water feet first and stay close to the opposite side of the lane to which the oncoming swimmer is approaching. It is advisable to let the swimmers in the lane make a turn to recognise your presence before you start to swim.


Circle Swimming Policy

Circle swimming allows multiple people to swim in the same lane without head-on collisions. The lane markers will identify which direction you will need to swim. Circle swimming definition – Swimming up one side of the lane and returning down the other side. If swimmers are already swimming in a circle or performing a continuous swim and not stopping, please read the “Entering the Water” section.


Inevitably, passing will occur in any swimming lane with circle swimming. The request to pass is signified by a gentle tap on the feet and the slower swimmer always yields. Yielding does not mean stopping, just slow down at the end of that significant length and let the faster swimmer through and then resume your pace.


Hanging on the Wall

Be aware of other swimmers between intervals and between sets. While you are resting, other people are still training. The correct place to rest is in the corner of your lane or out of the water on the ledge, this puts you out of the way of the circle. It is important to be aware of your actions immediately after you stop at the wall. The swimmer directly behind you will be expecting you to continue swimming so move to the opposite side of the lane to which the oncoming swimmer is approaching.

Pushing Off the Wall

Look before you leap!” Judge the pace of the oncoming swimmer. Just like in the “Passing” section above, the swimmer on the wall must yield to the swimmer in action. Adjust your send-off time a few seconds and allow a 5 meter distance between you and the person in front. Do not push off directly into the face of another swimmer.

Your cooperation with the above is appreciated.

Thank you