Pool Party Information

Customer notice:

Swimming pool party prices & terms and conditions have changed on 1st May 2018. Please refer to our party booking form for all up to date information.

New twin track inflatable party available now!


Have a party to remember!

Choose from a range of parties to make your child's day special without having to do all the work. You can even hire out our party room so that everyone can enjoy the day without having to worry about the house being destroyed! It's easy, just submit a booking form and we will take care of the rest. Please note, the payment must be made in full prior to booking confirmation.

See our party descriptions below for more information.

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Pool Party Options

Fun & Floats

   This is a great choice for group party events whilst remaining cost effective.
Parties include all of the play equipment for maximum fun.


Member - £60.00

Non-Member - £70.00


Twin Track Inflatable - New inflatable available now!

  Our water based inflatable obstacle course is open to confident swimmers between the ages of 8-16 years. The start point is at the shallow end of the pool and the inflatable leads into the deep end, with two tracks, one either side for
racing with a friend! To board the inflatable children must be competent swimmers able to swim a minimum of 50 meters. Any non-swimmers will need armbands and are only allowed part way along the inflatable.


Member - £100.00

Non-Member - £125.00


Water Walkerz

This activity allows children and adults to run, roll and flip on the water without getting wet.
Exhausting fun for all abilities.
(Minimum age of 8).


Member - £80.00

Non-Member - £95.00


Room Hire (1 Hour)
Members: £15.00     Non-Members: £20.00  

Lifeguard (30-40 people)
£8.00 per hour

Lifeguard (40-50 people)
£15.00 per hour 


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Please note we cannot accept reservation of spaces until the correct forms have been returned.