BUCS Events

2017 BUCS Sprint Triathlon Championships

Sunday 30th April 2017 from 9:00am

750m / 25km / 5km


Programme alteration:

All parking is now at St Mary's School (SN11 0DF). Please see the parking section below for more detailed information.


For all course maps please click here

Please read the enclosed information carefully. This is for your benefit and will help to make the day run smoothly.

Pre-Race Information

We hope that this race pack provides you with all of the relevant pre-race information. If you have any queries that are not covered here, please contact the BUCS organisers. It is advised that you regularly check the BUCS (www.bucs.org.uk) and Sports Centre (www.smcsports.co.uk) websites in the build-up to the race. Both of these websites will hold key information such as the competitor start list, any course changes and adverse weather warnings.


Race Headquarters (HQ)

The race is held at St Mary’s School Calne, Wiltshire SN11 0DF. Race HQ is situated in the Sports Centre Dance Studio. Registration will open from 8.00am (for those racing before 10:00am), all other competitors may register from 9:00-1.00pm You must register in order to collect your race number and timing chip before you start. Please allow plenty of time for registration.

Once registration is complete, take time to have a look around and familiarise yourself with the course. If you have any queries or require assistance, please visit reception or contact the nearest marshal.


Loss or Damage to Property

Competitors attend the event at their own risk. The organisers will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or property before, during or after the race.  Competitors not wishing to abide by this disclaimer should withdraw their entry at race HQ and therefore will not be able to compete. Any lost property that is recovered can be collected from the main reception area after the event.



Due to the fine weather, all parking will be within the grounds of St Mary's School (SN11 0DF). Please enter the postcode in to your satnav and then follow the signs once you reach the School/Sports Centre.

Please note: No parking will now be available at Calne Town Football Club. The organisers will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles left at St Mary’s School or St Mary's School Sports Centre.



The main changing facilities and amenities are located within the school theatre which is adjacent to the Sports Centre and will be clearly marked.


Food and Smoking

Water will be provided at the end of the race. Additional drinks and food will be available at a cost in the spectator area and from reception at the Sports Centre. All buildings and areas in the grounds are NO SMOKING zones.



All spectators are welcome but should be made aware of the parking arrangements that have been put in place. There will be a clearly marked spectator area which is situated between the transition and finish areas. Within the spectator area will be a refreshment stand. This is the best area for you to meet with friends and family. Spectators are asked not to encroach onto the race course and are not allowed in the transition area at any time. This is for safety and race security reasons.


Race Numbers

Your race numbers are to be collected at registration. Your race numbers must be clearly visible at all times. If you have a race belt, then only one number is necessary, providing it is worn on your back on the bike route and turned onto the front for the run. Numbers must not be cut, folded or defaced in any way. You will also be given a numbered sticker which must be attached to your bike around the saddle post. Non-compliance will lead to disqualification. 


We request that athletes with specific medical conditions; e.g. asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies etc write this information clearly on the back of their race number.


Timing Chip

Timing chips will be provided for the race. Please collect your individual timing chip at registration. Timing chips must be worn on your left ankle to ensure an individual time is given. Please put the timing chip on as soon as you register to prevent them from getting lost. Please ensure that you do not cross any of the timing mats before the race start. Timing chips must be returned at the finish line. Any timing chips that are not returned will be subject to a replacement charge of £75.00.


Transition Area

This will be open and accessible from 8.00am onwards. Without a correctly displayed race number you will not be allowed in this area.  Your bike must be clearly marked with your numbered sticker. Your bike must be racked a minimum of 30 minutes before your swim start time. 

When racking your bike please use your allocated space (look for your race number) and show consideration for other competitors.  Bikes will not be released from the compound without the correct race number.  No cycling is allowed in the cycle compound.  Bikes must be pushed before, during and after the event whilst in the transition area.


Race Brief

The race brief will be held in a designated area within the pool hall. This area will be clearly marked when entering poolside. All competitors are required to attend the race brief as it will make for a safer and more enjoyable race. Please arrive on poolside at least 10 minutes before your start time to allow time for lane allocation and race briefing. If athletes have any queries about the race then the Race Director will be on hand to answer them. Please keep these until the end of the brief.


Swim Start

You must arrive on time for the swim start. If you are late for the swim start you will not be allowed to compete. No changing is permitted on poolside. Any race kit should be left outside with your bike in the compound.  You must exit from the pool from the left-hand side door only. Please do not obstruct the exit.

Competitors will be split into 6 swim waves, fastest first (based on your estimated swim time) Swimming hats will be issued for identification purposes. If you have your own swimming hat, you are welcome to wear it. Your wave associated coloured hat will have to be worn on top.


Please note: in order for the event to run smoothly we have implemented a maximum swim time cut off of 30 minutes.


Bike Start and Finish

Please take care when exiting transition as other competitors will be returning from the bike route. You must obey the Highway Code, giving way where necessary and stopping if you have to.  Do not assume you have right of way.  The marshals do not have any authority to direct or stop traffic.  Any dangerous riding or blatant disregard of the Highway Code will lead to disqualification. Please show consideration to other road and footpath users.


Bike Route

Please familiarise yourself with the route. We recommend that you ride or drive the route first.

The route will take you into Lyneham, turning right at the roundabout in the town centre. The loop will then take you out through Bushton, turning left back onto the A3102. Please take care at this junction as this is a notoriously busy road.

The entire route will be clearly signposted and marshalled. There are marshals on the course who will be checking competitor numbers and motorcycle referees who will be monitoring drafting.  Failure to complete the full course will lead to disqualification. Full course maps are available on the BUCS website or by visiting www.smcsports.co.uk.

When you leave transition, you must push your bike along until you reach the highlighted mount/dismount zone. You will then be instructed as to when you may mount your bike and exit on to the bike route.

When returning to the dismount zone, you must get off your bike before the dismount line. An automatic disqualification will be issued if this rule is not adhered to. You will then head back along to transition. Please familiarise yourself with this process.


Run Start and Finish

This is a very simple, fast flat route with a turnaround/check point half way. Lamp posts along the route will be clearly marked with blue arrow signs. Please be aware of other competitors en route and show respect to other footpath users. Pedestrians have the right of way. Please keep to the left hand side of the paths when heading towards oncoming runners.

Please ensure your race number is visible at all times. If your race number is not clearly visible both front and back (race belt excluded) a 2 minute penalty shall be given. Triathlon clothing must remain on at all times. Removing any race clothing to expose the bare chest will also result in disqualification.



The event has been sanctioned by the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) and will be run under their rules. These are available on the BTF website (www.britishtriathlon.org). Please familiarise yourself with the rules to avoid any disappointment during or after the race.


Safety Helmets and Illegal Equipment

Approved safety helmets of ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078 or an equivalent national standard must be worn by competitors. NB A CE mark is NOT an approved mark. Helmets are to be worn and remain fastened for the entire time you are in contact with your bike; this includes the transition area.


Helmets and bikes may be checked by a race official to ensure they meet requirements. It is the responsibility of every competitor to ensure his or her helmet and bike meet the requirements. Headphones and glass containers are not permitted during the bike section of the event. Competitors who fail to meet these requirements may, for reasons of safety, be prevented from participating. 


Medical Advice and Facilities

You are advised to cover any exposed skin with suitable sun protection. Please keep hydrated whilst on the cycle route. There are water stations on the run turn point and at the finish. Additional drinks are available at the Sports Centre reception.

If you begin to feel unwell at any stage before, during or after the race please make the nearest marshal aware who will contact the First Aid qualified personnel. First Aid points are located on the bike route at the right hand turn in Bushton and on the run route at the turnaround/check point. These points will be manned by First Aid qualified staff. The Sports Centre also has a designated First Aid room and St John’s Ambulance will be on site for the entirety of the race and will deal with any major incidents.


After The Race

First of all and most importantly – recover and savour the moment!  Make use of the refreshment services available and ensure that you rehydrate and refuel sufficiently.

Please collect your bike and other belongings from the bike compound at the earliest available opportunity. When doing so, please do not forget your race number. Re-entry to the compound will not be permitted without the correct race number.



Race results will be compiled as soon as the last competitor has completed the race. The results will be published on the Sports Centre website (www.smcsports.co.uk), tri247.com and the BTF website (www.britishtriathlon.co.uk).

The prize presentations will take place as soon as the last competitor’s times have been recorded and analysed. Prize categories are; Male and Female Individual (1st, 2nd, 3rd), Male and Female Team (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

We hope you enjoy the event and wish you the best of luck!



St Mary’s School Sports Centre Events Team